P Santosh Kumar

Mr. Nalin Fernando

Minister of Trade, Commerce and Food Security, Sri Lanka

Hon. Nalin Fernando, Minister of Trade, Commerce, and Food Security, boasts extensive experience in public service in Sri Lanka. Elected to the Sri Lankan Parliament in the 2020 General Election, he oversees institutions under his ministry. Prior to his political career, he served as the Managing Director of the Mahapola Higher Education Scholarship Trust Fund and Cooperative Wholesale Establishment. Later, he assumed the chairmanship of Lanka Sathosa Limited, a government-owned supermarket chain, for over a decade. Outside of politics, he actively engages in social empowerment and women entrepreneurship programs through the Nalin Fernando Foundation, a social welfare organization established by an Act of Parliament in Sri Lanka. He has been honored with the prestigious “DESHAMANYA” award for his contributions. He holds a postgraduate degree in Business Management from the University of Colombo, Sri Lanka, and a Master’s degree from the University of Northampton, United Kingdom.