P Santosh Kumar

Mr. Abdelfattah M. Q. Al-Shalabi

Director General, Jordan Co-operative Corporation, Jordan

Mr. Abdelfattah M. Q. Al-Shalabi has been serving as the Director General of the Jordan Co-operative Corporation (JCC) since 2021. He has actively contributed to the preparation and launch of the National Strategy for the Cooperative Movement (2021-2025). His extensive experience includes representing Jordan at various Arab and international conferences and Ministerial meetings. He brings expertise in financial management, accounting systems, and cooperative policy development. He is deeply engaged in promoting the role of Jordanian women and youth in cooperatives, as well as enhancing the agricultural sector’s credit tools and mechanisms. Additionally, Mr. Al-Shalabi holds significant memberships, serving as Vice Chairman of the JCC Board of Directors, Vice Chairman of the Arab Cooperative Union (ACU) in Cairo, and holding board positions at the Economic and Social Council of Jordan (ESC), Agricultural Credit Corporation (ACC), National Agricultural Research Center (NARC), and the International Cooperative Fisheries Organization (ICFO). He holds a Master’s degree in Banking and Financing for Development from the University of Bergamo in Italy (1998) and a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Yarmouk University in Jordan (1988).