P Santosh Kumar

Mr. Win Bakri Daki

Minister for Commerce & Industry, Papua New Guinea 

Mr. Win Bakri Daki was first elected as the local MP of Tambul Nebilyer Electorate to Parliament in 2017 and was appointed Vice Minister for the Department of Treasury until the end of 2020. In January 2021, he was elevated to be the Correctional Service Minister, the position he served for more than two years until January 2022 when he was appointed as Minister for Papua New Guinea Defence Force. During the 2022 National General Elections, he was re-elected as a Member for the Tambul Nebilyer Electorate. At the formation of the New Marape-Rosso Government, he retained his portfolio as the Defence Minister for more than a year until February 2024, after which he was appointed as the Minister for Commerce and Industry in a minor cabinet reshuffle.