Datuk Ewon Benedick

H.E. Khaled Mousa Shehadeh Alhuneafat

Minister of Agriculture, Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

The Jordanian Minister of Agriculture, Eng. Khaled Alhuneafat, has implemented a comprehensive development plan to advance the agricultural sector, achieving economic, agricultural, social, and environmental development across all governorates through various programs. He has held several positions, such as Minister of Agriculture in various governments, Minister of State Affairs, and Mayor of Tafila for nearly ten years and many others. He holds a Fellowship in Municipal Function Leadership from the University of Washington in the United States (2013) and a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering (1995).  He was a member of the Executive and Advisory Council of Tafila Governorate, the University Council of Tafila Technical University, an elected member of the Regional and Local Euro-Mediterranean Association, president and member of several charitable and cooperative societies in Tafila, and was a member of the Executive Council of Arab Ministers at the Arab Center for Studies of Arid Zones and Dry Lands ( ACSAD/Egypt).  He was elected for two consecutive terms as President of the International Olive Council for the years 2022-2023 and is the Chairman of the Food Security Council in Jordan and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the ACC, NARC, and JCC (2021-present). His efforts were recognized by His Majesty King Abdullah II, who honored him with the Third Class Medal of Excellence for his contributions to development projects in Tafila.